Heroes of Goo Jit zu reviews offers fan club
Heroes of Goo Jit zu reviews offers fan club

Heroes Goo Jit Zu Fan Club

Wow! We are very happy to welcome you to our Heroes Goo Jit Zu fan club, since we opened the first box we have discovered some very fun and funny toys.

We are not the official website, we are just some fans who have discovered a new passion for our children and we put on this page all the information we find on the internet about the Goo Jit Zu.

The different series of Goo Jit Zu Heroes

We love their world and hope you share our passion for them. We show you the different series that have come out so that you don’t miss any of them in your collection.

What’s fun about these Goo Jit Zu toys?

They are very funny and different characters, since they are very “squeezable”, when you touch them you realize why children love to play with these characters. The stuffing will surprise you, because each one is unique.

No two are alike and that makes them such a fun and original toy.

And the Dino Power series roar like real dinosaurs when you touch them. Each new series has many new surprises, that’s why they are so fun and funny.

Where can I buy the Goo Jit Zu toy collection at the best price?

It is not easy to find them in all stores, because some models are sold out due to their success.

If you go to a nearby toy store you may be surprised to find that there is the model you are looking for, so it’s best to phone ahead if you want to go to the store or check their online store, which is usually better to see if they have stock.

Some heroes may run out of stock during shopping seasons.

FAN CLUB TIP: If you want a good tip, keep an eye on Amazon, Carrefour, AliExpress or Tesco before buying anything, to find better deals, sometimes you find some toys cheaper, especially on special dates like Black Friday or Christmas.

Characteristics of the Goo Jit Zu Dino Heroes

Each person is different and has special characteristics, but if we highlight what makes each one different, it is the following:

  • Each hero has a different texture and feel when you touch them. No two are alike.
  • You can find them in different touch modes:
    • Super soft
    • Sticky
    • Super stretchy
    • Crunchy (yes, there are some that crunch 🤣)
  • You can stretch them up to three times their normal size and the mini ones up to four times. That’s a lot of fun stretching these heroes.
  • You can play for hours with them because they deform and hold up better to fun with children.
  • They have their own cartoon series, not to be missed!

Watch the Goo Jit Zu Heroes cartoon series on Youtube

If you want a break from playing in the park or in your room with these funny heroes, enjoy them on their Youtube channel in English, we love the stories they tell, they are super entertaining.

To show you a whole chapter in the two parts that have divided it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

How many Goo Jit Zu series are there?

Currently you can find the series listed above: Marvel, DC, DC minis, Dino Power, Dino X Ray, Space Jam 2 and series 1, which was the first one.

We don’t know what future series of these stretchy, horny toys will be released, but thanks to their success it’s possible that they will continue to release new series every year.

We don’t know what future series of these stretchy, horny toys will be released, but thanks to their success it’s possible that they will continue to release new series every year.

12 reasons to collect the heroes of Goo Jit Zu

  1. ✓ Heroes stimulate children’s creative minds, give them many hours of play, especially when you stretch them.
  2. ✓ They are very funny and amusing, look how they laugh when they are stretched to the max.
  3. ✓ Children learn to exchange experiences with their friends.
  4. ✓ The youngest members of the family will never get bored with the multiple series in each collection.
  5. ✓ Several friends can play together, make their own adventures and enjoy their own characters.
  6. ✓ You have a cheaper mini-series so you don’t have to invest a lot of money.
  7. ✓ They are easy to take to another house, park or location. Just pop them in a bag and you’ll have everything you need to keep the fun going everywhere.
  8. ✓ They guarantee hours and hours of fun because of the stories children can create.
  9. ✓ Each one is a different experience, try touching them and you will realise.
  10. ✓ They have their own cartoon channel on the internet.
  11. ✓ They are original. It is not a very common toy, and it attracts attention when you touch it for the first time.
  12. ✓ They don’t hurt and can be played by even little brothers and sisters, they have no loose parts.

Opinions and comments on the heroes of Goo Jit Zu


They are said to stand up very well to being a toy of the day-to-day, constant battle.

Other customers comment that for a toy that suffers a lot, because they spend all day stretching it, it stands up very well to the beating children give it.

Very useful as a toy for hyperactive children, the fact of being able to squeeze them without stopping.


Some comments criticise that the colours rub off quickly and that the dolls are not of high quality. The opposite of what other mums and dads say.

Some customers complain that certain models have resistance problems.

In which countries are Goo Jit Zu Heroes available for sale?

They are sold in many countries around the world, they are currently one of the favourite toys of children, if you look at the instructions they come in English. Zuru reaches every corner of the world

Normally you can buy them in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, etc. But you must take into account that in each area the brand is usually carried by a different company, and the delivery times of the toys are not the same in all countries.

If you still have some left to finish the collection you can send us an email, and we will try to help you find them.

Anyway you can see the information of the launches in its oficial web.

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Other frequently asked questions about the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Heroes

How long does each collection last?

The collections themselves do not have a standard duration, as they come out from time to time, depending on their success and how the fans demand new figures of the heroes.

Is it a safe toy?

According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for children over 3 years old, although it is a large doll that has no loose parts, if it breaks, it has small pieces inside that give it that different viscosity.

Beware of balls and pieces that come inside their bodies.

What age are the heroes suitable for?

Well, they can be a good toy for children from the age of 3 up to the age of 10 or 11.

Although if you are one of those who love DC or Marvel heroes it may be suitable for up to 99 years old. Some of the fan club love these heroes and have a lot of years on them.

How often do new Heroes series come out?

This is the question that every fan asks, they usually release one or two series a year at least, but it depends on how successful they are and how they have sold.

For example, last year they brought out three new series.