Heroes Goo Jit Zu Serie 1

The first series of these lovely Heroes came out in early 2019 overall, though it did hit other countries later throughout that year.

Series 1 has two different versions, make no mistake. The first characters that did not roar and then upgraded them and already emit rare sounds and attacks.

Series one started with only 6 heroes and then they were releasing new ones until we don’t know how many, because every so often they surprise us with packages and special editions.

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Complete list of the heroes of the first series taken so far

Series one started with just six characters that has expanded over time.

Then some of those characters have evolved and a series has been released that continues with the first but they make different versions such as the dangerous Blazagon.

complete collection of series 1 of heroes goo jit zu
Complete collection of series 1 of the heroes Goo Jit Zu Basics
Complete collection of series 1 of the new heroes Goo Jit Zu
Complete collection of series 1 of the new heroes Goo Jit Zu
Goo Jit Zu  Trash vs rock jaw pack

Goo Jit Zu Trash vs Rock Jaw Pack

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✅ Series 1 the first release

In a first batch they only released 6 characters

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu's first series on sale
  • 1 ➤ Blazagon the Dragon (the dragon in its first version)
  • 2 ➤ Simian the Monkey
  • 3 ➤ Scorpius the Scorpion
  • 4 ➤ Thrash the super stretchy shark
  • 5 ➤ Rockjaw the crunchy crocodile
  • 6 ➤ Pantaro the Panther

✅ Series 1 the second pitch

Due to the success of the first release, new fun heroes and fighters were added so that boys and girls had a greater choice in their favorite toys.

collection second part of the heroes Goo Jit Zu Series 1
  • 7 ➤ Sahario the Lion
  • 8 ➤ Tygor the Tiger
  • 9 ➤ Wolfpain the Wolf
  • 10 ➤ Viper (Cobra snake)
  • 11 ➤ Silverback the Gorilla
  • 12 ➤ Frostbite the Yeti
  • 13 ➤ Graplock
  • 14 ➤ Mantor (alien)
  • 15 ➤ Brawler (bear)

✅ New special Heroes blisters

After the previous releases they have released new characters but forming a new team, there are 7 characters, some improved versions of the previous ones, others are totally new. You can for example find a different version of the panther or the dragon, if another version of the famous fire-breathing dragon.

Complete collection of extended series 1 of the new heroes Goo Jit Zu
  • 1 ➤ Gigatusk the Elephant
  • 2 ➤ Thrash the Shark
  • 3 ➤ Blazagon
  • 4 ➤ Reptaur the Frill Neck
  • 5 ➤ Hydra de tres cabezas
  • 6 ➤ Pantaro the Panther
  • 7 ➤ Redback the Spider

✅ Supagoo Blazagon Giant

The surprise came with this new bigger and stronger dragon, he tries to terrorize all our heroes, but surely fighting as a team they can defeat this dangerous dragon that launches powerful deadly fireballs.

Serie 1 Supagoo Blazagon Giant heroes goo jit zu
  • 1 ➤ Blazagon the Dragon (the dragon giant version)

✅ Goo Jit Zu 2 Heroes Special Series

In order to have two characters in a single gift for the children, they decided to take out blister packs or boxes with two characters together, so the fun and the fight can start from the beginning, each box contains a hero and a villain.

Goo Jit Zu Special series of 2 heroes in each box or blister
  • 1 ➤ Tygor vs Viper
  • 2 ➤ Thrash vs Rockjaw
  • 3 ➤ Golden Blazagon vs Rock Jaw (another golden version of the dragon comes in this pack)
  • 4 ➤ Golden Pantaro vs Battaxe (new golden version of the panther)

Goo Jit Zu Main Series Informational Videos

Here is a video of the official launch of the new characters and the comic series that they are making for all the fans:

What do I do if I am missing one?

You can buy them loose so it is difficult for you not to find them, but we recommend that you do not buy them online in unreliable stores or buyers, especially in those that do not specify which hero they are going to send you.

As they come in loose packages you can always choose the one you are missing and order it, in stores such as Amazon or AliExpress you will have no problem finding them, but beware of sellers who put many photos and do not specify which hero they send you.

We recommend a few things you can do:

  • If you are missing one that is out of stock, go to online stores such as Ebay or Mercado Libre: They usually sell toys and heroes loose, surely you will find the one you are missing, another thing is the price that each seller puts, being second-hand, each one put the price you want. If you are not convinced, visit it every few days, you may find one that you are missing at a good price.
  • Email us: If you still can’t find them, you can email us, we’ll post your request and create a bulletin board. We do not plan to do it yet, but if we have many requests we will open it.