How to play with the heroes Goo Jit Zu

The first thing is to have at least some heroes or villains in your collection, to be able to do epic battles and combat anywhere.

The good thing is that you can take this toy to the park, to a friend’s house, to the country or to any bar where you have to hang out.

But we suggest other fun ways to enjoy them.

Fun with heroes and villains

We start with different proposals for you to see the things and games that you can do with these toys.

🎳 Playing sticky bowling

Surely you have a good corridor in your house, because take the opportunity to put these characters as if they were bowling pins, and since you have the walls on the sides, the ball is never going to come out.

Find a ball made of foam rubber but one that has some weight, so that you can throw the pins easily.

You already have hours of fun playing alone or with friends.

Put a villain character in the middle of the pins, it cannot be thrown, and whoever throws it loses the game, you will see the roses that you throw trying to throw the pins without throwing the villain.

⚔ Battle to the end between heroes and villains

Place the Dinosaurs on both sides of your room or in the living room of your house if your parents leave you, separated by about 2 meters each clan of these evil creatures. Each creating their own side.

If you want you can create the side of the heroes and that of the villains.

If you have blocks or pieces, make a small wall in front of each team, like a castle or fortress wall. Place the dolls in different areas of the wall or wall.

You can create a lava and volcanic landscape by playing with dinos.

Then look around your house for a small foam rubber ball, it can be the same as bowling pins and pretend that it is a cannon.

You can play alone, or if you are with friends each one chooses a side, each player is throwing the ball with his hand trying to knock down the opponents.

The team that knocks down all opponents first wins. You can make it more fun by covering your eyes before each cast, so the game lasts longer. You can make it more fun by including innocent characters and if you throw them the other team can bring one of their characters back to life, this makes the game very funny, sometimes you can spend hours playing without realizing it.

The good thing about this game is that you can play alone, in pairs or in a group, and with all the characters you have from the different collections. You can even give the special dolls extra lives, which must be knocked down twice before being eliminated. They will be the super heroes of the game. Use the ultra rare characters or whatever you want

If you can’t find a ball, another way to use something to throw is a character from the mini collection.

You can also do this playing with your friends on two benches in a park, you will see how fun it is, or in a castle that usually exists.

⚔ The final circle, there can only be one left.

Place all the Goo Jit Zu heroes in a circle painted with chalk if you are on the street, or created with a rope at home, if you have a hula hoop then you already have the circle, what happens is that it is very big and costs play with one that size.

Mark a line on the ground, so that all the boys and girls who play shoot from the same place.

Depending on the age you must mark the distance, usually from a meter or so, then you shoot a foam rubber ball, or a mini character, to try to get the heroes out of the circle.

When a character or dinosaur leaves the circle it is eliminated.

You can do this game individually or with several players, who in this case each choose a team with their color and play to eliminate those of the opponents. For this you can choose characters that have similar colors and thus identify well which one is of each one.

So that the game does not last long, it is best to choose a few for each player, also if you put many in the circle they cannot fall well and they do not get out of it.

You can do this on the beach or in the pool, you will see how fun it is, but on the beach the dolls fill up with sand, then you will have to clean them well.

🎯 The lost heroes

Some toys light up at night, so we are going to take advantage of these super powers, so we hide some around your room, we close the blinds, so that no sun enters.

To place the characters well, turn on the light in the room, do not hide them completely, because otherwise it will be very difficult to find them and the game will not be fun.